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Golden Touch Tantra

Healing practices for balanced energy and self-realization

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Golden Touch Tantra

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Is Tantra just about sexual stuff?

Many traditional spiritual paths, and man-made religions, do not accept sexuality as a means for spiritual evolution and therefore urge sexual repression. Nevertheless, many modern sexual teachings are limited to merely focusing on the aspects of pleasure and self-gratification. Tantra is incomparable in that it leads an individual on a spiritual path to balancing energies, internal bliss within, and directs them toward self-realization they may not have received from life thus far.

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Meet Dezi

What Does Golden Touch Tantra Entail?

The Golden Touch Tantra Program was created by Dezi Golden of Dezi Golden Therapies, LLC., Intimacy Life Coach & Tantra Instructor, to provide tantra students with an extensive program of self-transformation to focus on self-development first, THAN healing sexuality, as a tool for greater spiritual evolution. This advanced tantric program is an innovative experience that combines the study of techniques and rituals in with modern psychological tools and teachings to understand previously hidden aspects of the inner self.      The program aims to guide you in the principles and integration of deep levels of consciousness, resulting in devoted practitioners, the union of sexuality and spiritual evolution, AND a healing way of living each day.

The knowledge, experiences, and emotional and mental processes offered during the Golden Touch Tantra Program will guide dedicated tantra students to an authentic tantric life, with sexual self-discipline as a foundation, personal growth as a stairway, and a more beautiful spiritual quality of life.

     In the Golden Touch Tantra program, we prepare the ego for a lifetime of tantric practice. This is accomplished through internal work where students reflect back to the strengths and weaknesses of their journey (blueprint practices) as a loving way to heal and be on their best vibration. Students will also learn to cultivate mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual refinement, empowering themselves with a balanced and harmonious approach to living. This allows for insight into internal barriers, repressed emotions, and ego-driven behaviors that we're all programmed with, ultimately achieving tools to overcome limitations and feel a true sense of freedom.


During Golden Touch Tantra modules, each will receive:

  • Advanced knowledge of the sexuality (body), psychology (mind), and energetic (soul) components of the chakra system

  • Study and homework practice of sacred sexual techniques to heal shame and guilt

  • Synchronized lovemaking rituals, held in high regard from the art of Tantra

  • Energetic techniques up and through the body chakra system

  • How to practice detachment from society taught sexual urges and cravings

  • Techniques and practices in alternating intervals of celibacy and lovemaking

  • Techniques and practices in meditations and energy balance

  • Recognizing, harmonizing, and coping with emotional and mental dispositions

  • Recognizing, harmonizing, and coping with masks, defenses, projections

  • Building comfortable levels of oneness and power within a group setting

About Your Tantra Mentor

     Hello, I'm Dezi.  I'm excited you've ventured into the world of tantra.  It's a lifestyle I wish I'd been born into but unfortunately, my beginnings were marred in man-made religions and co-dependent guilt and shame emotions.  This didn't work for me and kept me spiraling in a two-steps forward, one-step back way of functioning with my CPTSD childhood trauma. Tantra not only felt right in that it helped me regulate my body and mind, it gave me a spirituality that felt "familiar" in my soul and helped me really connect with my true identity.

    As an expert rated life coach and survivor of childhood CPTSD, I've acquired a particular set of skills and tantric ways have helped me hone those in.  I was able to get to know who I really am AND feel into my true sexuality...this enhanced every area of my life because energy begets energy!  When I began loving myself, unloving people fell away, and loving relationships came towards me.  I didn't have to "do" anything, I just had to "be" me.

    I work now at mentoring others to find their true self through their sexuality, because after all, we all come from sex!  Learn to love your body that grants so much pleasure, learn to love your mind for regulating happiness, and definitely learn to love the freedom of living your own spirituality!  Welcome to Golden Touch Tantra...


Tantra IQ
Tantra is the ancient art and science of expanding consciousness in order to experience the essential truth of our nature – our authentic self. In Tantra, we use our most powerful spiritual resource, our sexual energy, to break the bonds of our ego and merge with source. If most of us look at our life we will notice that perhaps the only first-hand experience we have ever had of God has been during sexual orgasm. Tantra is unique among belief systems or spiritual practices in that rather than repress or ignore our sexual nature, it fully embraces it. We no longer have to split off that very real part of ourselves.  This is what Dezi focuses on in her top-rated Intimacy Life Coaching or Tantra Mentoring sessions.  It's about you! Take the Tantra IQ quiz to see if a session with Dezi, or Tantra, would benefit you.  (Be sure to write down your answers!)

Be sure you complete all the questions before you read these scores:

  1. Mostly A's: White Tantra

  2. Mostly B's:  Pink Tantra

  3. Mostly C's: Red Tantra

  4. Mostly D's: Black Tantra


From your pattern of answers, you should see a predominant tendency towards a "type" of Tantra for you. Now read further on the site HERE for how your scores can help you understand how to move forward should you so choose.  Great job giving yourself some time and attention today. There are no right or wrongs, especially if you're working to improve your authentic self.


How did you score?

Golden Touch Tantra

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