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Intimacy Life Coaching
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Golden Touch Tantra
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Reflection Through Broken Glass

Intimacy Life Coaching Sessions

Intimacy is about knowing the true self.  If you're ready to begin living your best life and learning to step off with self-love each new day, begin Intimacy Life Coaching sessions today.  Everything we want is on the other side of fear, do it!

CPTSD Healing & Recovery

To put it simply, CPTSD or Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is developmental processing the is being OVERWHELMED by emotion (right brain) while being UNDERWHELMED by logic (left brain).  But, it's not simple is it?  Over 93% of us suffer CPTSD and don't even know it!  Want to know if you suffer?  Find out in seven minutes by clicking on Free Quiz now.

Begin regulating your emotions and processing with Dezi's proven tools and techniques or find them in Dezi's latest published book "Guide to Surviving CPTSD".

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Tantra Sessions

Many have been taught to think Tantra is only about weird sexual positions or orgies.  This is silly and humorous. Tantric practices, which are about the "self", heal and balance the subtle energies within the body (chakras) to enhance self-love, spiritual growth, and physical wellbeing. Through the exploration of these energies and their connection to the universe, the purpose of life and the connection to others can be understood in a new dimension. Does sex come into play? It's more about understanding sexuality and how properly expressing your sexual energy can heal trauma, balance emotions, attract the best relationships, and create life!  

Find out why this 10,000-year-old practice never goes out of style!!

Tantra is for singles, couples, men, and women.


Life Not Exactly What You Thought?

I'm the coach people call when they've realized they're tired of the "Human Do-ing" of life...

Is it time to for true self-realization?

I can prove to you why you've always been good enough.

Intimacy is the new real.  You've tried the way "they" told you, it's time for happiness.


Heal the Past * Find Authentic Relationships * Live in Bliss

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About Me

     I'm Dezi.  I've got a story, just like you.  I'm quirky, weird, a serial INFJ Libra, and I f*cking love this life journey stuff.  I've had my bumps, bruises, and scrapes with the "crazy" of life and I'm still kicking.  My one constant is a deep desire to help others thus the whole website and blog creation.  I'm not new to this, I started back in 1997, actually before that but I finally figured out I had a passion for assisting others to live life happier after reviving a dying patient in the back of an ambulance.  This life is precious, and none of us gets out alive, so making the best of it is my mission.

     What I've learned about all of us, running around beautiful souls having a human "meat suit" experience, is that we're beings of love born a miracle and somehow we enter a journey where we lose those very first perfections.  We spend years then, desperately searching and seeking for our very essence, lesson after lesson, knowing happiness is obtainable yet somehow always just out of reach!

     I help make the reach less of a stretch!  As an intuitive healer, I observe your journey, help heal the traumas, coach you to your self-realization and true path.  Understand the "why's" of you.  You are a magical, gorgeous being who is meant to live your best journey no matter the ups and downs...or what society is doing. You know deep down you were meant for bigger things, isn't it time to lessen the distractions and get back to the reals?  Book a session when you're ready.  It may just be that you were meant to come across my site at this very time in your life...


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PLEASE NOTE – Dezi is an expert rated Intimacy Life Coach, not a doctor or a therapist. She is a survivor and a thriver of CPTSD who's healed with new rituals, tools, and tantra.  She shares her experiences, proven tools, and healing techniques of recovery in the hopes of helping those also suffering from CPTSD symptoms and childhood trauma. The information published should not take the place of professional evaluations, diagnoses, or treatment. Please consult with your physician. 
Dezi's recommendations are to help in the healing of a client's life traumas and symptoms thereof. Dezi asks that you always use your personal discernment when deciding what healing modalities to follow or implement. 

Should you feel like hurting yourself or feel suicidal in any way, PLEASE get support right away here at:

You are very important and healing is absolutely possible.

Be a thriver, in love with all that is your life...

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