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Intimacy Life Coaching

Top Rated Intimacy Life Coaching
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Do you need Intimacy Coaching?

Hi!  I'm Dezi Golden.

I'm the coach people call when they've realized they're tired of the

"Human Do-ing" of life...

Is it time for your "Human BE-ING"?

Is it time for true self-realization?

I can prove to you why you've always been good enough.

Intimacy is the new reals.  

You've tried life the way "they" told you, now it's time for happiness.


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About Your Intimacy Life Coach

     I'm Dezi.  And just like you, I've had challenges in life with attachment wounds, emotional dismissal, and issues with connection.  It's all part of this crazy journey we've embarked on and I'm fairly certain I can make yours easier!  

    As an expert rated life coach and survivor of childhood CPTSD, I've acquired a particular set of skills.  Everyone needs someone in their corner cheering them on but, they also need answers, and that's what I've got.  I can help you with all the "why's" and teach you how to live a more happy, fulfilled life no matter whats going on around you.

    Never attempted Life Coaching before?  Think it's all hookey?  Try a free consultation with me and find out how amazing your journey is already.  I bet I can inspire you to finally make yourself a priority...which is what YOUR life is supposed to be about. Love you more and get more love yes?


Intimacy IQ
Intimacy is a quality we normally associate with enduring relationships. However, in order to have relationships in our lives, we need to have the potential to experience true closeness with "self". To be able to experience intimacy, we need to have a firm sense of our identity. Only after a solid sense of self can you then move on to merge your identity SUCCESSFULLY with another.  This is what Dezi focuses on in her top-rated Intimacy Life Coaching sessions.  It's about you! Take the Intimacy IQ quiz to see if a session with Dezi would benefit you.  (Be sure to write down your answers!)

Be sure you complete all the questions before you read these scores:

  1. a. Intimate b. Isolated c. Merger d. Pseudointimate

  2. a. Pseudointimate b. Intimate c. Isolated d. Merger 

  3. a. Isolated b. Merger c. Intimate d. Pseudointimate

  4. a. Merger b. Intimate c. Pseudointimate d. Isolated

  5. a. Isolated b. Intimate c. Merger d. Pseudointimate

  6. a. Pseudointimate b. Merger c. Intimate d. Isolated

From your pattern of answers, you should see a predominant tendency. Now read further on the site HERE for how your scores can help you improve your relationships!  Great job spending some time exploring your intimacy.  There are no right or wrongs, especially if you're working to improve your intimate relationship with yourself and others.

How did you score?