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Dezi Golden was born in central New Jersey. After careers in emergency medicine, law enforcement, and martial art self-employment, Dezi retired to Las Cruces, New Mexico where she writes part-time while seeing clients in her Intimacy Life Coaching private practice. Dezi lives with her family and pets in sunny Las Cruces. Dezi has four published books and a fifth one in the works. She enjoys body groove funk dancing, yoga, gardening, and visiting with fans in new cities. Dezi is a certified Life Coach, a Registered Massage Therapy Instructor, Tantra Mentor, and Reiki Master. Visit Dezi at

Dezi Golden is an American author and Intimacy Life Coach known for her fictional thriller romances and non-fictional self-help books published independently. An author of supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, fantasy, tantra erotica, and self-help, Golden uses her expertise in intimacy, coaching, law enforcement, reiki, tantra, and martial arts to bring about dynamic characters in the most unexpected stories. Her stories are currently being considered for future mini-series film, with her martial art saga being adapted for comic books.

Born: October, 1973 (age 46 years) Las Cruces, New Mexico

Books: BreathHealer Book I, BreathHealer Book II, The Kris, Guide to Living with CPTSD, Soul of a Tantric (2021), and Guide to Living with Narcissists (2021)

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" So much of Dezi's brilliant mind is intertwined in her stories.  The creative plots, the flowing dialogue, it all keeps the pages turning.  You're in the arms of a huge heart reading these books."
-Jenna Livine, Las Cruces, NM

Guide to Living with CPTSD - Click Here

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Guide to Living with CPTSD

Read up on Dezi's real-life account of CPTSD and Childhood Trauma along with her personal practices that healed her and keep her in recovery. Although no substance abuse addiction presented that doesn't mean Dezi's hadn't suffered peptide addiction with a life-long struggle to keep regulated.  Want to learn how to keep away from depression, anxiety, or autoimmune disorders from cortisol disorders?  Book a session with Dezi or download her guide here. Paperback is also available for personal work or support groups on Amazon.

Dezi's Newest Fiction Project, SOUL of a TANTRIC, is the tantric erotic adventure of Riordan and Demi who not only vibrationally attract and heal each other along the way but, also save each other's lives in the process!  For a glimpse into this couple's steamy erotic tantra CLICK HERE. Due out in 2021! 
Another of her Self-Help guides, Dezi has Conceived Anally slated for 2021 publishing. Keep an eye out for Dezi's latest works.
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