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Something for the Kids

While you're working on you, they get to work too.  

Enjoy this FREE Complimentary Workbook

on Essential Oils!

Many of us are aware of how healing natural essential oils can be when we're triggered into CPTSD dis-alignment.  

Why not help the kiddies learn about the importance of these wonderful healing tools for themselves.

Coloring pages are FREE!  It may even help Mom or Dad learn about how important oils are for balancing hormones, the body, and energy.  

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PLEASE NOTE – Dezi is an expert rated Intimacy Life Coach, not a doctor or a therapist. She is a survivor and a thriver of CPTSD, she shares her experiences, tools, and healing techniques of recovery in the hopes of helping those suffering from CPTSD symptoms and childhood trauma. The information published should not take the place of professional evaluations, diagnoses, or treatment. Please consult with your physician. 
Dezi's recommendations are to help in the healing of a client's life traumas and symptoms thereof. Dezi asks that you always use your personal discernment when deciding what healing modalities to follow or try. 

Should you feel like hurting yourself or feel suicidal in any way, PLEASE get support right away here: https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

You are very important and healing is absolutely possible.