Shout Outs & Accolades

Too often, especially in the world of CPTSD, there isn't enough appreciation.  So, we're going to dedicate this page to the movers and shakers who are HelpOthersJunkees every day!


Office of Disability Services Department Administrator- Supervisor at Rutgers University

Kasey March assisted Dezi Golden back in 2011 with editing BreathHealer Book I but more importantly, Kasey dedicates her days to assisting others. This is HelpOthersJunkee style in our book! Thank you for being you Kasey!!


So many who suffer from CPTSD symptoms carry adrenal fatigue weight known as "Bat Wings", "Inner Thigh Flaps", "Front Belly" etc.  This is from the stored cortisol from trying to survive stress.  Let's give a huge shout out to Misty for creating Body Groove and helping those of us who thought there was no hope, FIND OUR FUNK!  This girl right here knows how to be a HelpOthersJunkee!!  When we need to stop fussing over what our outside looks like, and focus on how good movement can feel, Misty Tripoli delivers!!


A "Dezi" Favorite!

Inversion Table

Although not human, we still want to give a shout out to one of Dezi's brain regulation and alignment favorites.  Those who suffer the symptoms of CPTSD often experience emotional distress that can present in the spine, joints, and muscles.  Chiropractors can help trememndously in this area but if you need a few aligning adjustments throughout the day (sometimes relapses are intense), an inversion table might be for you.  Dezi personally finds, not only does both right and left brain processing come together while using this therapy but, pain and stress seem to disappear.  Alignment to BODY * MIND * SOUL facilitates healing! Dezi does not recommned using this type of therapy without proper instruction.

....But wait, there's more

Shout Outs & Accolades

Dee March

Medical Coder/Best Sister Ever!!!

Dezi wants to give a shout out to the most unconditional person in her life!  No matter the ups or the downs, Dezi has been able to count on this lady right here to be a HelpOthersJunkee through and through.  When suffering CPTSD it's important to have people within your circle who don't judge, gossip, or dysregulate you.  For Dezi, Dee is her "Ride-or-Die" for life!

Kim Saeed

Dezi wants to give accolades to this amazing soul.  It's rare that a person who has had to deal with a sociopath or narcissist has come out without CPTSD. For those that do, there is endless help and information with Kim. A true helper in the world of trauma.

BODY * MIND * SOUL Healing

This company deserves a quick shout out.  Dezi personally healed so much of her own trauma while using these natural healing oils she can say with confidence that there is somethig to be said for healing through the senses!!