A Call to All Healers

There are those who are frustrated with the inaction of some, especially regarding recent media-hyped crimes. I'd like to take a moment to call to those who feel their journey, through this life-time, is for healing. I'm not going to ask for your anger, I won't ask for guilt, I'll just simply call to you about your biggest gift...

As Healers, Empaths, Spiritual Leaders, or whatever title feels right, we must remember racist people are those in pain. No, I'm not asking that their behaviors be acceptable. I hate that this is still going on, still perpetuated in a child's household, for I do not believe anyone is born hating others. The reason why someone would think they’re superior on the basis of their skin color is that they don’t love themselves, and this self-loathing begins very young. 

In fact, the only way you can hate others is if you hate yourself. This, sadly, is still being modeled to children. 

It's still alarming how we're all still witnessing the only ways self-loathers can feel better about themselves is to put someone else down, simply for their skin color? This is a method of self-preservation on very low vibration. It’s an easy “win” for those that do not want to work on themselves on a soul level.

Our current failures stem from a history of colonialism, where whiter people were seen as upper class, hence the reason why racism exists in so many ethnic minorities as well. This sh*t is getting old. I mean, racism is the symptom of a deep-rooted hatred that takes time to dissolve, as it’s taken thousands of years to create, but healers, what if the healing needed is a simple reminder from you that self-loathers don't have to conform to what they were taught? What if a man can still love his racist father but he doesn't have to be his father? He doesn't have to push his beliefs forward onto his children right? I know, I know, I'm a dreamer but so was MLK, a soul that did well on his journey. When I saw his speeches on television as a child, I thought he was a brave man. It was later I was taught he was assassinated for his soul purpose.

What a racist person is needing is to feel worth (good enough) in being loved for who they are underneath the mask they were given. Instead, they are praised and given FALSE LOVE for taking power over another who has the very same insides as them, just a different shade of skin. This is not what the human experience is supposed to be centered on. When we see souls, instead of the "meat-suit" that contains them, our eyes are open and we can see how we're all here to rise above and achieve the very same thing...LOVE. It's a tragedy powerful humans are still able to use ancient "herding" tactics, and modern social media, to continue to drive the machine while pulling the puppet strings. They're not here for soul fulfillment are they?

Yes, many racist people resist doing any type of inner work because they don’t see anything wrong with themselves. Couple that with narcissism, and they've created a story that their self-preservation is right. They are cowards who are afraid to change their belief system for fear of shattering their whole identity. The very identity someone else gave them. What could be more fearsome than that? Living fraudulence that makes them feel TEMPORARY importance and false significance. It's a poison they keep drinking and drinking, warding off the very love they are seeking. I realize there is no point in arguing with those not willing to look in the mirror, I have my own struggles with those who LIVE for attention and put that above love. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can directly do to a completely closed-off person or the personality disordered types. However, healers, leading by example, especially in the ways of energy and attention, would make some impact no? Where energy flows, attention goes right? Why are the attention-hogs getting to set the standard for energy? Why do they get to choose riots and violence...and sit back, laugh, and get to control even more?

Healers, we must get that the point of this movement on a soul level, is not to break families apart, which will create more separation, but rather to LOVE each other through the differences. Raising our voices doesn’t help to be heard more clearly. This tactic was designed, hell rioting was designed! More negative energy begets more defensive negative energy. Powerful people know how to get what they want by manipulating energy. What if they were not able to have that so easily anymore?

I know this seems so far fetched, but we must ask ourselves, what can we do today that will build into tomorrow, and so on and so forth? Start within, energy is real, whether others believe it or not. Balance you, then begin with one other, then another, and so on. Setting boundaries begins with you, refusing to be controlled by negativity. This IS how you can DO something. Let that self-love take priority, it will spill over and it just may soften a racist family member. Remember, they weren't born racist, many are teachable. I do believe racism is on its way out and it's not from forcing our parents to change their minds, but rather putting energy towards awareness, education, and much-needed love. I am a believer in love, maybe it's my little inner hippie, but tell me, has anything gotten worse when you've thrown love at it? Like really thrown your best at it?

What would happen to the people in power if they couldn't use their weapon of negativity? Healers, I call to you, even if just one loving, positive act at a time, can you love forward? What's our purpose for being born, in this time...again? Are we living our soul purpose?

Your thoughts are welcome, and try to be loving...we have enough hate, it's time it left-

My best,