Is your love language “Acts of Service”? I always thought mine was Quality Time but I was mistaken 🤭 and apparently...I should have married...Myself 😬🤦‍♀️😬

Acts of Service Love Examples:

  1. Pay a bill before your spouse has to stress over it

  2. Make coffee and hand it to them before they have to “want”

  1. Notice when they need new clothes and take them shopping

  2. Make their favorite dessert at least once a week

  3. Help them prepare for parties, work, or important events so they have less stress and more time to spend with you

  4. Help with yard work or projects that are important to them

  5. Wash their car before they have to feel its dirty

  6. Take on chores they hate or hurt their body, or pay someone to have it done for them

  7. Fill their car with gas - every time!

  8. Take the kids to school/daycare on days they seem burn out

  9. Do the dishes/put them away...every...single...time

  10. Ask “what can I help you with?” always

  11. Make the bed every day

  12. Match their socks with them and help them get done faster

  13. Pick up their snacks or favorite items when you see them in the stores

  14. Let them do something for them without your complaining or opinion about it (a night out, a weekend away, a golf session, massage, coffee with friends etc)

  15. Ask “what can I do to make your day better today?” every time they seem tired

  16. Plan a date weekly and take care of the cost/plan

  17. Ask if they want a snack or drink while you’re up

  18. Get their car detailed every so often

  19. Make their favorite meal at least once a week

  20. Mow the lawn or have it mowed so they don’t have to

  21. Organize or tidy up so chaos doesn’t feel like stress

  22. Clean up dinner if they spent time shopping/preparing food for you

  23. Leave a little note in their work stuff or text them sweet thoughts

  24. Buy their toiletries when they’re getting low without them having to ask

  25. Get up with the kids and let sleep in

  26. Deal with difficult family members so they feel supported and as if you’re their “special team player”

  27. Change the sheets without them having to mention it

  28. Have lunch delivered to their work or show up and feed them so they don’t have to think about it

  29. Remember to do things when they ask you to do them

  30. TRY TO NEVER break a promise to them. Just don’t say anything. Broken promises are memories that never dissipate and feel unloving every time they are remembered

  31. Prioritize a project, wish, or bucket list item that’s been mentioned

  32. Meal prep with them and help always!

  33. Complete an errand that they hate or join them for the drive

  34. Clean up the dog poop or cat boxes before they have to smell it

  35. Take out the trash BEFORE they have to do it. This is huge for making them feel loved!

  36. Toss their towel in the dryer or wrap them in it when they get out of the shower

  37. Pre-set the coffee pot so it’s always ready. Being responsible or prepared is foreplay to an “acts of service” lover!

  38. Grocery shop for the whole family instead of just you

  39. Make their plate at times

  40. Do something they plan to do before they can get to it

  41. Plan a vacation and take care of the stress but ask them what they want to do here and there on the trip

  42. Bring them breakfast in bed now and then, not on expected holidays

  43. Pick up an area of the house that drives them nuts or causes them stress

  44. Go to one of their events/sporting games/hobbies or engagements and be fun

  45. Plan meals for the week or take them out so they don’t have to stress

  46. Help with something without being asked

  47. Bring the trashcan in from the curb always

  48. Schedule their haircut, dentist appointments, massage etc.

  49. Go on a walk or do yoga with them so their not always alone

  50. Drop off/Pick up things so they don’t have to

  51. Organize the pantry so they feel less stress

  52. When they ask for something do it right then or within reason. Waiting will make them feel unloved

  53. Help them do or make something nice for someone they care about

  54. Get them a snack when you get one for yourself

  55. Start their car before it’s time to leave so it’s warm or cool

  56. If you’re out running errands, call or text asking if you can pick anything up for them

  57. Handle packing for a weekend away/or a trip

  58. Add calendar reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, kids’ games, etc.

  59. Leave a joke or love note randomly to make them smile

  60. And the ultimate… carry/love their child. They’ll respect you more than all others

Do you have more suggestions? I want to add yours!!