I wonder if you're anything like me - err, I should say, how I used to be. There was a time in my life - when I didn't really love myself. But I didn't know it. Do any of us really know it?

I didn't realize there was a difference between being loving and loving myself. I was very loving - I thought...but I actually had the "disease to please" and that was NOT loving to me at all.

To me, being loving meant sacrificing what I wanted and taking care of others, making sure that they felt loved, even if I didn't get anything back. They say RECIPROCITY is not a law of the universe but I sure as hell with it was lol!

I was so good at anticipating what others needed, but it was rarely what they wanted. And so it was very puzzling to me that, despite how much giving and caretaking I was doing, I felt that something was missing. Every...


I knew that I wasn't happy in the way I wanted to be, but I didn't know why. I didn't love myself enough to give myself the time to think. I believe this is why we are encouraged to overwork, over medicate, over achieve, over, over, OVER. If we have no time then we won't think!

I eventually discovered that loving myself was the key to feeling truly fulfilled..this came after losing some of my health. My brain told me, "Dezi, you're working for money, risking your health, only to get sick, be replaced within a week, so you can use all that money to try and repair your health! This is madness and not what your soul journey is about!

This came about only in a meditation where I took the "time" to really listen to my inner self lol. Funny how that works right? If you're experiencing too much human "do-ing" and not enough human "being", I'd love to talk with you.

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