Dezi’s Self-Love Lessons

Dezi’s Lessons About Self-Love When you feel free, uplifted, and fluttery about you…you’ve reached it!  When you enjoy being alone, without feeling lonely…you’ve reached it!  WHEN you attract more and more loving relationships into your life…YOU ARE IT!!  Love you first so you can love everything else better.  If you weren’t taught how, commit to it today.  Life is harder when love isn’t first.  

Dezi’s Lesson on How to Find Your Self-Love:

1. Begin to tell yourself the f*cking truth, only the truth, and nothing but the truth no matter the shame.  Truth will give you the self respect you need to finally see how much love you really are (if you learn nothing else today, the truth will always bring you back around to love, go back to 1. and read that again) 2. Be vulnerable, the strongest humans have the courage to love anyway… 3. Accept your “weird”, if you do, then the right people will attract to you (and be comfortable with their weird lol) 4. Accept your mistakes, thats why forgiveness was invented 5. Know that the only opinion of you that matters is yours, everyone knows going external with opinions, judgements, and criticisms is the coward’s way of not working on their internal self 6. Allowing pain to teach you, gets you to your love faster (stop running from pain, stay the course, pause and let the universe guide you) 7. Thank the frauds and liars who cross your path, they teach you who not to be 8. A huge step to self-love is learning to do the opposite of what you’ve been taught by illogical man-made concepts (if it’s not working for you, it’s probably been designed that way) 9. Doing “supposed to” is about others, doing “want to” is about self-love 10. When you can sit by yourself and feel alone without feeling lonely, you have reached a lovely level of healing

GREAT JOB!!!  You’ve taken a step… -Dezi Golden