Dear Dezi: Everybody Poops But..

So many of you know how much I love what I do. Helping others is part of my CPTSD recovery and some days are funny as hell. This particular email was too good not to share, and yes, I asked permission. Enjoy!

R. Emmit from Louisiana writes in:

Dear Dezi,

Hope this isn't real weird for ya. I was in the latrine reading some of your stuff (sorry) it's where I get a lot of time. Anyway, when you talk of that tantra stuff it just makes me pay attention. So, I was at the part, learnin about those chakras and I really get what you say about sum of them getting clogged and stuff. Well, I got kind of a funny question, because sometimes when I go to you know, clean the hershey parts, I hear my spine pop, pop, pop and feel much better! Sorry, if this is too personal but I figer you being an intimate coach an all it'd be okay. My question is, when I crack my bones like that and it feels good does that mean I'm doing good things to my chakras? And that second one, the sex one? Thank you Dezi, Emmit


Dear Emmit,

Thank you for your questions. I enjoyed reading your email and knowing that you are able to find relief while wiping your "hershey" parts. Lol. No question is too intimate for me so here is my take on things. When the spine is aligned, blood, nutrients, AND proper energy flows to all the right parts. I learned this from my favorite chiropractor and confirmed it with some yogis as well (I encourage you to see your chiropractor and discuss this further).

Tantra types, yoga practitioners, martial artists, and so many more often stretch for alignment and proper energetic balance SOOOOOOOOOOO, wipe away dear Emmit, wipe away! Eliminating is good for your chakras, adjusting your spine is good for your chakras, and practicing Tantra is definitely good for your chakras! My motto is, if it feels right and doesn't hurt others or yourself, have at it!

Below, I've included some other information about the sexual chakra for your reading pleasure while pooping.