Do you struggle with setting boundaries or saying “No.”?

Do you try to “DO” a lot of things or feel scattered, often getting little accomplished?

Do you feel you have trouble remembering the exact words of a conversation, story, or joke?

Any of the above questions grab your attention? Have you tried traditional therapies or listened to what society encourages you to do to feel better but still feel as if life isn’t what you thought?

How many people do you know on anti-depressants? How many people do you know on anti-depressants who are still depressed? Listen, PTSD is not the same as CPTSD and sometimes you’re not “damaged”…you just might need to understand your processing to heal! Because you ARE enough and you deserve to live in bliss

Is CPTSD just like PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is difficult to live with and for the families of those diagnosed. In recent years though, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) has been recognized. It's a bit more well...complex! Can we recover? Well yes, our bodies want to heal every day. The tough part of CPTSD is, it's not just a body thing. It's about what happens on the inside before the outside reacts.

If you feel you're having difficulties navigating in adulthood or could use some "ease", keep browsing You are not alone-

PTSD Avoidance Sense Threat Triggers Re-Experiencing CPTSD  Avoidance Sense Threat Triggers Re-Experiencing *** Emotional Dysregulation *** *** Identity Distortions ***

You may be thinking:

Do I even care? Do I feel like a “human do-ing” or a “Human Being”? Am I ready to learn why I am the way I am and how I AM ENOUGH? Do I even have the energy or is this all maybe why I don’t have the energy?  If you’re feeling exhausted already then you’ve found the right place to begin your healing. Perhaps you already have an auto-immune disorder or disease? Maybe you have a secret addiction you’re afraid you’re losing control over, or sadly, the medications you’ve been put on aren’t working the way you hoped. You’re NOT alone and you are not crazy. You may very simply have been given a set of blueprints to your life that you are certain aren’t working to build the best life for you. Let’s change the blueprints! Yes, this is your life and you have more control actually, you are the only one who has the control…so let’s have you take out your pencil and eraser and erase the parts of your life blueprints that just aren’t working. Let’s rewrite or redraw the parts the way you need them. After all, this is your life! When you’re ready, let’s have you fill out the CPTSD questionnaire. The first step to any change is knowing if you want to. Talk soon! Dezi

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