The Beginning of Life, The End of Life

Updated: Apr 12

Breath! It's what begins this crazy journey of ours and it's what ultimately ends it as well.

A Breath

"At times I thought I may not be able to take another breath, that the pain in my soul would certainly cease my respiration. To my surprise, it was that very next breath that gave me the consciousness to peel myself off the floor." -Dezi Golden Fun Fact: When you inhale a full breath, like a nice relaxed FULLLLLLLLLL breath, all the way down to the bottom of your lungs and then let it go with "relief", YOU ACTUALLY GIVE YOUR BRAIN A BOOST of oxytocin, seritonin, and dopamine! You have so much healing power rigth within you...and yet society would have you believe you are a shallow breathing organism who isn't successful unless you work 8 to 12 hours (when the body is built for 6), make money to be of worth (money isn't what makes you worthy), and ignore the stress your life warns you about until your health suffers so that you have to use your money to recover your health!


Inhale deeeeeep and long, releasing your exhale with relief. Now, do it again, more relaxed and squeeze the inner energy of your body pulling it up around your head and down the back of your spine, letting relief out loooooong and slow. Guess what? You just reset your whole system. You gave your brain a boost of healthy hormones and chemicals it needed all day! Isn't it amazing that you have control over you? That out of all the gazillions of things in the world you can't control, you can control giving your brain Oxytocin (cuddle/love hormone), Seritonin (mood regulator), and Dopamine (pleasure/reward) with one breath! See how amazing you are? Do ittttttttt!

Happy Breathing!

Guess what the first step to healing your CPTSD is?

- Dezi