Karma vs. Narcissism

Zena Krast, Dickinson County, VA write in:

Dear Dezi,

My name is Zena and I'm writing in to share a karmic story with you regarding my ex narc. I think you'll enjoy this since you love justice and to me karma is a lady dressed in the finest of justice garb!

Okay, so after my narcissist of 18 years finally broke me for the last time, I took what was left of my small nest egg (he didn't know about and couldn't ruin) and brought some peace to my life by moving to a more wooded area where I could heal and watch some wildlife. I really needed to get away from people like him and so much social bullshit.

I established a nice, calm life. My new neighbors and I enjoyed getting together and feeding the deer that we lived amongst. We'd leave food out for them all the time. Food is an obvious way to train just about any creature lol.

So after some time my f*ckin’ ex found me and decides he's going to “drop by” whenever he wants to break my rules and boundaries (shocker). This became an annoying pattern at least once or twice a month to which I was unable to figure out so I could conveniently be "not home".

One day I heard this horrible noise coming down our long dirt road, like scraping metal! It was awful, like a train or something. Here comes Mr. Manipulative with his fancy BMW SUV, I paid for unwillingly, by the way, smashed all to f*ck! I mean embarrassingly smashed in the front. I have no idea how he was even driving!

I tried to compose myself and put on my most "concerned" face as he had taught me to be fake around fake people such as himself. When I asked him what happened he exploded into some victim-filled rage, “This place is infested with god damn deer! They just run right in front of your car. I hit one and it just got up and ran away! What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you out here in some Dr. Doolittle freagin' forrest!!”

I almost lost it. He was stomping and flailing his arms all over. I knew my neighbors were watching and wondering what the hell he was going on about. I was happier the deer wasn’t hurt then the thought of how karma flowed in and was doing to him what he so proudly did to others' lives. It was only later, discussing it over wine and deer, that my neighbors and I laughed until we cried. I must admit I laugh so hard now every time I see a deer running through our woods. My neighbors still bring up his little mishap. It's been years. He never came back after that day and my life is amazing! I believe in karma! Narcissists do get what's coming to them. It may not be quick or in the ways we'd chose but, it does happen. Just like you say, "energy begets energy". He's still getting his due karma from what I hear. I'm getting mine in all the best ways because I was the best he'll have ever had. Here's to justice!

Keep up the good work Dezi, you've helped so many of us, more than you know!

Take care,



Dear Zena,

I can't thank you enough for sharing your karma story. I think I pee'd a little reading this.

I'm so happy you've been able to escape narcissist hell and find your healing place with your healing peeps. Your email will give many others hope...not to mention a great laugh! I will share it per your permission.

Be well,