Do you Suffer from CPTSD and Not Even Know It?

Updated: Apr 12

Feel sick and tired of being sick and tired? Remember family conflicts since childhood?

Suffer from fatigue, body pains, digestive issues, reproductive conditions, or migraines? Numb out with food, drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes? Struggles with focus, reaching goals, attention, or memory? Have unexplainable panic, anxiety, or depression? Too much “drama” or trust issues around? Do you fear abandonment?


New Research on the Symptoms of CPTSD May Stop You in Your Tracks:

Not that it's simple at all but, to put it in the easiest terms for you, PTSD is not CPTSD!


The definition of PTSD is: (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  generally related to symptoms after a single event or traumatic episode, such as a sexual assault, car accident, war battle, school bombing, death, etc.  vs.

The definition of CPTSD is: (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  is related to multiple symptoms resulting from a series of events, or prolonged, repeated experience of interpersonal event, addiction, environment, or exposure to a person, or personality disorder (i.e. trauma). Symptoms of CPTSD can arise after a traumatic developmental stage or episode. Complex post-traumatic stress disorder can be more severe because of how the brain develops processing abilities while experiencing the long-term trauma.

Okay... Read that again. It's alarming right? For so long, we've used the term PTSD when we think of really tough times we've had to heal from in our lives. But, what happens when we go back to the developmental years, you know that childhood we're all trying to grow, survive, or even get back to lol? What happens when we take the time to really evaluate where we've come from and how, maybe, just maybe, evaluate HOW are mind learned to cope.

What we know about CPTSD today, is that it's so common now, it's been added to the DSM in recent years! It IS considered a mental disorder. Does it mean we're crazy or so damaged we should give up right now? NOOOOOO, just the opposite! Now that the mystery is over, it's time to learn how to live in an easier way...because happiness and bliss are our rights and we damn-well deserve the best life we can obtain no matter what the beginnings.

Stay tuned for more education, tools, and techniques for healing CPTSD and Childhood Trauma. If you can share, we'd love your experience with this and in the meantime, be sure to see our membership and coaching sections here at

Thank you, you ARE enough and always have been, thats where that strength comes from, you know the kind we're talking about!

(Source: "The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is a tool used by mental health professionals to diagnose various mental illnesses. Though controversial for many reasons, this tool has been helpful since its first publishing in 1952 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). The APA has revised the manual five times since its initial inception and to this day provides a basis for diagnosis to this day.")

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