Recently, I turned another year older, lost a sibling I loved taught to reject my “weird”, told how much of a disappointment I am (while publishing my 5th book) by relatives who disappoint themselves daily and project it onto others. Another turn around the sun leads me to reflect on the positive, despite the negative. I continue to absorb the:

Wisdom of my Life Lessons:

As an author and coach of those brave enough to explore emotions they were taught to dismiss, ignore, or refuse, there is no way to live intimately without improving!

Here are some of the tough truths I’ve picked up since beginning my soul journey AND committing to always being teachable:

  • there will be people who can’t or just aren’t ready to love you yet...let them GO. This is the hardest “humaning” we do but also the most important. Funerals are a consistent reminder. STOP giving your best to those who aren’t ready for your best 🤗 and just love those who are the best. Wether they’ve departed or are in front of you 😘

  • Halt tough conversations with those who don’t want to change. You are not “the jackass whisperer” They’ll find you when they evolve and match your vibration. In the meantime, you can only meet people at the level in which they’re ready 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Don’t show up honestly for those who are dishonest. Those who are indifferent to your presence aren’t ready for your “reals”. It’s okay to save your best for those who earn it. Trust is “given” first, but as the most important currency of the must be currency earned 🤭 Yup, I said it, make them earn you!

  • Unless you’re riddled with personality disorders and incapable of empathy you’ll have instincts to win the good mercy of those externally around you. It’s absolutely okay to learn your empathy can steal your energy, time, physical, mental, and SPIRITUAL health. Be okay with going internal! F*ck’em if they think you’re “weird” goes against their whatever. It’s proven that when you start implying your own manifesting in YOUR life with joy, peace, and deep love you WILL find your best life. That doesn't mean that you have to change who you are to accommodate. That means you have to stop loving people who can’t love you yet. Energy is real wether some can’t feel it. Allow vibrational balance because what you resist (with them in your head) persists

  • When you’re hurt, offended, excluded, forgotten, or easily ignored by others. This is your soul teaching you that you were TAUGHT to go external for validation and you must trade that taught dysfunction in for internal validation. It’s the only way to make self love a knee-jerk reaction. Loving you brings the best, most loving people to you. So love you and trust the rest. Energy begets energy!

  • You do yourself no favors by giving your best to the lowest of vibration in this life 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • The hard truth you need to get is that you're not for everyone...and thank the universe because not everyone is for you...thats what makes this world so special. The biggest lie we’re taught as a child is to conform when it’s our beautiful differences that bring us into connection (yin and yang) beliefs, skin color, ethnicity, gender, and all opposites are for attraction as vibrational magnets. If you can find people you have friendship, love, or a true relationship with despite differences, you’ll be truly wealthy

  • It’s a waste of your precious life to try to “make” others love you. Your purpose here is not to control anything that isn’t for you

  • Trust that the right souls will find you and go live on YOUR loving vibration. Keep it simple and simple will abound

  • If you become someone’s background, cushion, punching bag, coach, or therapist...they’ll use you as such. You weren’t born for others as their emotional sounding board. Be sure to value YOU more, so they learn you come first in your life

  • If you stop texting, calling, checking in, visiting, and “doing” is the balance off? It’s quite possible your soul is steering you towards better. Pay attention! Attachment is different than love 🤭 don’t give chances to those who don’t want them

  • Fact: what you give the most to is what will result in your life (read that again)

  • You’ll become impatient in the presence of those that don’t “suit” you. Topics, places, interests, and activities. Don’t waste your vibration, find those who are on your level. It’s a requirement of self love 🥰 not really an option

  • It’s okay to admit some are not compatible with the sanctuary of your life. If they pick on you or how you are, they’re having more trouble with themselves than with you. Let them. Not your monkeys, not your Oz ☺️

  • You are not on your soul journey to save others’ souls. You can influence and be a lesson, but freedom comes in knowing you’re SUPPOSED to stay in your lane (might want to read that quite a few more times)

  • Your journey is not about giving your children, spouse, family, or other souls your LIFE! Do you really think your god/source gave your soul this life for you to give it away? 😬

  • Only you are responsible for your destiny

  • Choose you first ALWAYS. You’ve been told choosing you is “selfish” by man (and man made religion) but your higher self knows it’s SOULFUL not selfish. Do you really think god would agree with man’s opinions of him today? The soul is the compass no? Who gave you your soul? Just sayin’ 🤭

  • Change is a gift. No one can change yesterday. Soul momentum doesn’t go backwards so stop trying to control what WAS. Notice how those trying to destroy history or change it are the most fearful? Spinning your wheels trying to erase what already is, is for the “stuck”. The scared. Those not understanding you don’t lose you by living forward you create. The very momentum and direction we are given on our journey is NOT backwards. Why stay stuck there. Acknowledge it, thank the lessons, use them, and live free. Live now, thats why it’s called a “present” because none of us are given our death date...but we’ve all got one

You, me, them, they...we’re all here in the “earth school” to love. Are you doing such? What have you been distracted with in order to fight for you?

Love first, it’s your soul’s super power. Everything else will be fine, LOVE is why we’re here!

Navigating Love Just Like You...

Dezi Golden