Trauma & Tantra: Effective Healing for CPTSD?

As you read this sentence, millions of brave people around the world are fighting another day against a silent enemy – trauma.

Trauma can occur through many forms of severely stressful or disturbing events and over time, it can manifest into disorders such as CPTSD.

If you’ve experienced trauma, I need you to hear this:

there is hope,

there is support,

there is healing for YOU!

An area not often thought of is through the practice of Tantra. This ancient form of energy “interweaving” has been proven to bring healing to the body, mind, and soul.

What is CPTSD?

When you have Complex Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (CPTSD) you experience symptoms of PTSD, along with some extras. These added symptoms can include:

  • Feeling as though nobody could possibly understand your trauma

  • Feelings of being permanently damaged or worthless

  • Struggling to keep your emotions under control

  • Avoidance of romantic relationships and/or friendships…and so much more

What is Tantra?

The term “Tantra” comes from the Sanskrit language, and translates to “weave.” Tantra weaves together the spiritual forces both in and around us – earth and heaven, our physical bodies…with transcendence.

Many have heard of the taboo-taught Tantra practices and think of sex when hearing the word. Yes, sex can be a part of any practice or experience. Whats lost, sadly, when diminishing the tantric ways as only being about sex (brought forth by victorian-era religious types) is the actual healing that occurs in all the other ways. With methods of balancing yoga, mind-regulating meditation, and interdependent self-love this ancient practice has gone nowhere for thousands of years because IT WORKS bringing union between one’s spirit and being. This is where a complete mate or sexual partner may come in because we all know that when loving ourselves, we tend to bring the best relationships towards us. Tantra can be the very energy conduit that helps with self-love in order to attract others on the same energetic vibration. Remember, just because you can’t feel it, touch it, or smell it, doesn’t mean energy isn’t ALWAYS there.

What are the Long-Term Effects of Trauma?

Often when we endure trauma, our bodies limit (or completely shut down) our ability to process properly. Since there is often an overload of emotions bombarding us during trauma, or when we’re triggered from it, our primal instinct can be to “turn off” feelings, and go numb to survive! This can cause the trauma to be trapped in our bodies, which quickly leads to a disconnect between our bodies, minds, and souls.

How Does Tantra Heal Trauma?

Tantra catalyzes the healing process because it incorporates mind-body-soul practices. It’s a spiritual pathway that mainly leads us through three destinations:

  1. Mental HealingTantra helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Practicing Tantra rewires your brain so that you can feel safe in understanding, processing, then releasing negative thoughts.

  2. Emotional and Spiritual - Because trauma becomes trapped in our bodies, we need to let it out! Tantra incorporates safe touch, feather-lite massage, release and de-armoring of lingering emotion/tension in pressure points, and mind re-processing. It teaches “soul-sex” and “love-bonding” that can be extremely healing for those who need it. And for those who are spiritual, it can connect one to their higher self for an intimately personal soul connection that seems to heal beyond any other measure.

  3. Physical HealingTrauma comes with a slew of emotions: grief, anger, shame, fear, guilt. You may feel disconnected or fragmented, but it’s okay to feel those emotions at first! Tantra creates a safe environment, physically and within your mind, to meet those painful emotions and replace them with self-worth, love, and wholeness.

These methods lead to better health, sleep, personal confidence, an increased capacity for intimacy, and the ultimate in self-trust. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as most tantrics will tell you.

Have you adopted Tantra into your healing journey?

Do you have a daily practice you know has lead to your CPTSD recovery?

Are you curious, but not quite ready to take the plunge?

Whatever your level of experience, I’d love to hear from you. It matters. Leave a comment below or contact me personally, if you prefer to remain anonymous. Helping is healing.