Guide to Living with CPTSD

Guide to Living with CPTSD

Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, 

or unexplainable anger?


Do you notice you have a fear of abandonment 

even from people you don’t really like?


How about relationships?  Are you disappointed with the relationships

in your life or those you’ve attracted in the past?


What if this isn’t that you’re a “difficult” person but instead you’ve learned difficult “processing” in order to survive?   


A devastating fact about suffering CPTSD symptoms is that most of us don't even know we have it.  

With PTSD getting most of the attention these days, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder takes a backseat leaving victims dis-regulated and headed toward auto-immune disorders. 


With our bodies, our minds, and our souls dis-aligned, we’re left with an option of anti-depressant numbness or worse, a disease. What if there’s a better way to new processing?  


Tired of the Human DO-ing of life? Find your true Human Be-ing with the Guide to Living with CPTSD.


About Dezi:

Dezi Golden was born in central New Jersey. After careers in emergency medicine, law enforcement, and martial arts self-employment, Dezi retired to New Mexico where she writes part-time while seeing clients in her Intimacy Life Coaching private practice.  Dezi resides in Las Cruces with her family and pets.

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